Auburn University Senate
September 20, 2022
Via Zoom  

meeting will open 15 minutes prior for signing in early if you care to do so.


Establish a Quorum

Approval of minutes for the Senate meeting of August 30, 2022

Remarks and Announcements on University Matters
University Senate Chair: Mark Carpenter     

President: Chris Roberts* 
*Dr. Roberts will be travelling during the meeting, so in-case of technical difficulties, Dr. Vini Nathan will present his prepared remarks

Interim-Provost: Vini Nathan

Action Item
Vote on continuation of Senate Meetings on Zoom
Presenter: Mark Carpenter, Chair

motion (pdf)

Information Items

Confirmation of Dr. Dan Svyantek as Immediate Past Chair and BOT Faculty Representative
Presenter: Mark Carpenter, Chair

IPC Presentation (pdf)

New Senate Officer Nomination Committee has been formed
Presenter: Mark Carpenter, Chair

Committee for Senate Officer Nominations (pdf)

New Business

Mark Carpenter, Senate Chair


Mark Carpenter, Senate Chair