Auburn University Senate
June 13, 2023
3:30 p.m.
Via Zoom  

meeting will open 15 minutes prior for signing in early if you care to do so.


Establish a Quorum

All senators in attendance must participate in the canvas quorum poll (this is equivalent to the sign-in sheet during in-person meetings). Attendance records will be based on this poll.

Approval of minutes of the Senate meeting on May 16, 2023

Remarks and Announcements on University Matters

AU Senate Chair: Mark Carpenter
AU President: Christopher Roberts
AU Provost: Vini Nathan

Information Items

Announcement of Parliamentarian 2023-2024 Senate and Other Information.

Presenter: Lisa Kensler, Chair-Elect (Chair of 2023-2024 AU Senate)
Parliamentarian Bio (pdf)

Action Items

Vote on Senate Committee Rotations/Replacement Nominees.  After this vote, all senate committee faculty positions will be filled.

Presenter: Octavia Tripp, Senate Secretary and Rules Committee Chair
Senate Committees nominees for new rotations and replacement of vacancies (pdf)

Vote on Proposal to create NTTF Teaching Professorships. 

Presenter: Todd Steury, Past-Chair of AU Senate
NTTF Teaching Professorships Proposal (pdf)

New Business
Mark Carpenter, Senate Chair

Mark Carpenter, Senate Chair