Auburn University Senate
April 18, 2023
Via Zoom  

meeting will open 15 minutes prior for signing in early if you care to do so.


Establish a Quorum

All senators in attendance must participate in the canvas quorum poll (this is equivalent to the sign-in sheet during in-person meetings). Attendance records will be based on this poll.

Approval of minutes for the Senate meeting of March 14, 2023

Action Items

Vote on Senate Committee Rotations/Replacement Nominees.

Presenter: Octavia Tripp, Senate Secretary and Rules Committee Chair
Senate Committees nominees for new rotations and replacement of vacancies (pdf)

Vote on changes to the Faculty Handbook (Proposed in March Senate Meeting). There are four substantive changes (presented during the March Senate Meeting) to be voted on during this meeting (see link to proposed changes). A two-thirds majority on the retention committee membership vote of the whole Senate is required for each proposal to pass. Therefore, attendance at the April meeting is required. The other three items only require a majority vote.

Presenter: Mitchell Brown, Chair, Senate Faculty Handbook Review Committee
Proposed changes-Retention Committee (pdf)

Information Item(s)

Senate Committee Report: Non-Tenure Track Faculty (NTTF)  

Presenter: Ash Curtiss, NTTF Committee Chair and Senior Lecturer in Chemistry/Biochemistry.
Presentation (pdf)

Public access to Senate Committee Reports. Point of Information during Spring 2023 Faculty meeting.

Presenter: Mark Carpenter

Solicitation of a Parliamentarian for the 2023/2024 school year.
Please contact Lisa Kensler ( regarding your interest in serving by May 1, 2023. This position carries a $6000 stipend/academic year from the Provost’s Office.

Presenter: Lisa Kensler, Chair-elect.

Pending Items

More proposed changes to the P & T section of the Faculty Handbook. There are 6 items to review, each can pass with majority vote, but will require approval of the university leadership and the Board of Trustees to make the changes in the handbook.

Presenter: Mitchell Brown, Chair, Senate Faculty Handbook Review Committee
Proposed changes to P&T section of FHB (pdf)

Remarks and Announcements on University Matters

University Senate Chair. Mark Carpenter     
President: Christopher Roberts
Interim-Provost: Vini Nathan

New Business
Mark Carpenter, Senate Chair

Mark Carpenter, Senate Chair