Drawing Templates

Download Drawing Templates

Updated January 9, 2019

On the “File Download” pop-up, click the “Save” button. Save to your preferred location (desktop or your facilities dropbox folder).

When the download is complete, click on the “Open Folder” button.

Right-click on the zip folder and select “extract all”.

In the “Extraction Wizard” pop-up, continuing through process by selecting the “Next” button. When asked to select a destination, select the “Browse” button to locate the folder in your preferred location (desktop or your facilities dropbox folder). 

Open the folder and double-click on the .dwg file to automatically open the AutoCAD file.

Once open, save as <XX-XXX drawing name MM-DD-YY> in respective project folder.

Update all information necessary on the Cover Pages and Borders. Delete page sizes that are unneeded to reduce file size. Save.

Draw in Model Space at 1:1 scale.

To insert scanned sketch (in Model Space): type “image attach” in command prompt, and select image in jpeg format. Selection Options: Path Type = Full Path; Insertion Point: Specify on-screen; Scale = 1”; Rotation = 0.00.

To Paper Space (on the appropriate border size tab), insert a new Viewport by going to the “View” pull down menu, then select “Viewports” and “New Viewports”. Then draw the rectangular Viewport on the page layout. (Use Properties Menu to adjust the Viewport’s scale.)

To Add an additional Page, right-click tab of page size and style you would like to duplicate and select “move or copy”. Check “Copy” box and “OK” button. (You can rename the pages by right-clicking the tabs and selecting “Rename”. You can reorder the pages by clicking and dragging the tabs.)

Please refer to the “AU Drawing Standards” that are attached to each drawing layout for additional Layout, Text and Submittal requirements.

Last Updated: January 09, 2019