Comprehensive Campus Master Plan


The Comprehensive Campus Master Plan (Master Plan) has been redesigned as an online tool and web site to better serve as a resource for the Auburn University community and guide the stewardship of campus lands and facility assets.

The Master Plan sets out recommendations for aligning enhancements to the campus environment with the mission, vision, values and strategic priorities of the University. It establishes a framework for the improvement of campus facility and land resources as well as a framework for coordinating incremental decisions relative to the physical environment.

The Master Plan contents (links to the left) include the following sections:

  • Executive Summary - The Executive Summary provides a complete overview of the Master Plan including the purpose, guidelines and recommendations of the plan.
  • Planning Background - The Planning Background section documents the guiding precepts of the plan, such as alignment with the University Strategic Plan, and establishes the plan’s goals and core values.
  • The Auburn Campus - The Auburn Campus section provides an overview and documents ongoing inventory and analysis of the existing and past conditions of Auburn University main campus.
  • Planning Elements - The Planning Elements section, which is broken into individual chapters each focused on a specific issue of importance to the University, spells out the guidelines and recommendations of the Master Plan.
  • Implementation - The Implementation section includes additional detail relative to the Capital Projects Plan, the Academic Capital Projects Plan, and the Campus Urban Design Guidelines. It also includes a long-term development capacity for the campus.
  • Archive - The Archive section provides links to presentation videos, slide shows and other documentation of the Master Plan update process.
  • Appendix - The Appendix section will provide links to supporting supplementary material and reports as they are developed.

The Master Plan web site is intended to function as a "living document" that will be revised regularly in response to the evolution of strategic priorities, facilitate ongoing discussion/comment from University constituents, and guide improvements to the campus environment to best serve all Auburn students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other University supporters.

For more information contact Richard Guether, Director, Campus Planning & Space Management at

Last Updated: September 10, 2021