How to Recycle

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The Residential Recycling Program is a convenient way for students living on-campus to recycle.




Residents are responsible for sorting and emptying recyclables into centrally located recycling bins near trash dumpsters.

Click on your residence hall to find the recycling location nearest you:



95s occ




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The Waste Reduction and Recycling Department is making recycling easy and convenient for faculty and staff through the Campus Building Recycling Program.

Click here to find out what is recyclable at Auburn University.


desk side slim jims cabinet
Deskside Recycling Community Recycling Cabinet Recycling
Mixed Paper Only Mixed Paper, Plastic/Aluminum/Steel, Cardboard* (L to R) Landfill, Mixed Paper, Plastic/Aluminum/Steel


Custodial Staff Responsibilities

Custodians service building waste on a daily basis.

brutes 95s dumpster
Custodial Staff collect recyclables alongside trash Custodial Staff place sorted recyclables in 95-gallon roll-carts located outside the building Custodial Staff flatten and recycle cardboard in the designated dumpster

Last Updated: June 03, 2019