Information for Vendors

Guidelines for Addressing Shipments to Campus:

To ensure accurate and timely delivery of your pieces, we have developed the following address guidelines we hope you will find helpful:

  • All mail must be fully and properly addressed.


Dr. John Doe
Department of Marketing
Lowder Business Building
Auburn, Al 36849 (optional for non-postal travel)

All pieces should contain the recipient(s) name, the department the piece is being delivered to, and the building location. Please do not use jargon or abbreviations as some departments have the same abbreviations.

  • Large mailings, to be distributed to campus via Auburn University Mail Services, must be sorted by department names.
  • All departments with two or more pieces much be banded together. Some buildings house multiple departments and this will help identify originating departments within those buildings.
  • When packing campus mail, all mail should be in an envelope. If not contained within an envelope, it should be folded and tabbed with the information above printed clearly facing out.

CONTACT: Auburn University Mail Services
Phone: 334-844-4860

Last Updated: September 21, 2018