Non-Profit Bulk Mail

The form to process Non-profit standard mail can be found here.

For information on how to sort and prepare your nonprofit mailing, click here.

Effective immediately, all non-profit or bulk mailings that are prepared by Auburn University or an outside vendor must contain the following return address:

1161 West Samford Avenue, Building 8, Auburn, AL 36849

If the return address is not correct, then the department will be charged the standard postage rate rather than then the discounted rate.  The departmental name may be included in the return address if needed.

Permit #9 vs. Permit #530

Permit #9 should be used when mailing items locally, i.e. Auburn area. Please ensure your local vendors are using Permit #9.


Permit #530 should be used when mailing items in the Montgomery area. 


Non-profit & Business Reply Mail

Permit #9 issued in Auburn, AL 36849

United States Postal Service regulations must be followed when mailing at the NONPROFIT rates under the above permit account:

RETURN ADDRESS – All nonprofit mailings must have a return address and this return address must be one of the following authorized addresses for your NONPROFIT authorization account:

  • 1161 West Samford Avenue, Building 8, Auburn, AL 36849 (this address is preferred since it is the one that shows on your nonprofit authorization paperwork)

Any organization under the Auburn University umbrella must use one of these three return addresses on their mail pieces; they may also use their Building address, but this address must be show directly above the authorized return address.

CONTENT – The USPS opens a sample of all nonprofit mailings that are presented to check for the following:

  • Any First Class correspondence or something that meets our criteria of being First Class mail
  • Restricted and/or Prohibited Advertising – these include Travel/travel agencies, Insurance and Financial/Credit Cards (DOMESTIC MAIL MANUAL, SECTION 703.1.6.4)
  • Anything that would make the mail piece a STANDARD mailing instead of nonprofit

If your organization is mailing at the nonprofit rates under the Auburn University authorization and permit account, then you must follow these regulations pertaining to any enclosed Business Reply envelope/card:

  • If a Business Reply envelope or card is enclosed, it is imperative the correct format be used on these pieces. Please see the example Business Reply template.  This template shows all format requirements for use of Business Reply mail and the delivery address must be printed as shown.  If the organization wishes to use their “Building Number” on the BRM envelope/card, then the building number MUST be shown directly above the delivery address.

Requirements for Standard/Nonprofit Flats

Effective March 29, 2009

New requirements affect address characteristics (how the address looks) and address placement (where the address is located) on flat sized mail pieces mailed at Standard or Nonprofit Rates.

  • Mailers must address each piece using a minimum of 8-point type. Each character must be at least 0.080 inch high.
  • If the mail piece bears a POSTNET or Intelligent Mail barcode with a delivery point routing code, mailers may use 6-point type in all capital letters. Each character must be at least 0.065 inch high.
  • In all automation pieces, the characters in the address must not overlap, the address lines must not touch or overlap, and each address element may be separated by no more than five blank character spaces. (A blank character space can equal the width of the widest letter used in the type.)
  • Mailers must place the delivery address in the “top half” of the mail piece.

Flat-sized Mailing Requirements for Standard and Nonprofit Mail

Last Updated: October 09, 2018