Emergency Preparedness

Would you be ready for an EMERGENCY? Being prepared means knowing what to do and how to do it. An emergency can occur in many forms. The most common emergency that Auburn University faces is severe weather. This website will provide you with different resources to help you prepare for whatever the situation is.

The Auburn University Emergency Management team strives to be prepared to respond efficiently to any emergency on or near campus, and to speed the recovery efforts as needed. We are also dedicated to letting you know as soon as possible of any dangerous situations or approaching severe weather that may require some action on your part to remain safe.

Whether in a classroom, office or dormitory, an emergency can impact you at a moment’s notice. Knowing how to get to shelter or how to react may prevent injury or even save your life. Encourage co-workers or fellow students to be ready and get prepared with you. Being prepared isn't difficult, however it does require some effort on your part.

The links below will be regularly updated as more information becomes available. Please take time to read the materials, create a plan and put together an emergency kit that will help you take care of yourself, co-workers, family and friends.


Last updated: 08/14/2022