Glenn Howze Academic Freedom Award Recipients

Glenn Howze Farewell Address                      

The Auburn University AAUP’s Glenn Howze Academic Freedom Award is presented annually to a person who has demonstrated high ethical standards and professionalism in his or her field of specialization and has also made significant contributions to advocating, protecting and extending academic freedom at the University.                     

        1994    William Muse, President, Auburn University (First Award)

        1995    Charlotte Ward, Associate Professor, Emeritus, Physics*

        1996    Glenn Howze, Professor, Ag Economics and Rural

        1997    Larry Gerber, Professor, Emeritus, History*

        1998    Wayne Flynt, Professor, Emeritus, History*

        1999    Lee Davidson Editor, Plainsman Student Newspaper

        2000    Barry R. Burkhart, Professor, Psychology*

        2001    L. Conner Bailey, Professor, Ag Economics and Rural Sociology*

        2002    James T. Bradley, Professor, Biological Sciences*

        2003    Owen Brown, President, Auburn Alumni Association

        2004    Judith E. Sheppard, Associate Professor, Journalism*

        2004    Paul R. Davis, Editor, Publisher

        2005    Gary R. Mullen, Professor, Entomology and Plant Pathology*

        2006    Renee A. Middleton, Professor, Education

        2007    Christa D. Slaton, Professor, Political Science*

        2008    George W. Folkerts, Professor, Biological Sciences

        2009    Richard Penaskovic, Professor, Philosophy*

        2010    David A. Cicci, Professor, Aerospace Engineering*

        2011    Herbert Jack Rotfeld, Professor, Marketing

        2012    William F. Trimble, Professor, History*

        2013    R. James Goldstein, Professor, English*

        2014    G. Jay Gogue, Interim-President, Auburn University

        2015    Larry Crowley, Professor, Auburn University*

        2020    George Flowers, Dean Graduate School, Auburn University

        2021    Mitchell Brown, Professor, Political Science

        2022 Robin Jaffe, Associate Professor, Emeritus, Theatre

*Emeritus Standing