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University Writing Committee

If you are interested in joining the University Writing Committee or if you have questions, please email

The University Writing Committee (UWC) is a Senate committee charged with developing common principles and guidelines for incorporating intentional and significant writing experiences into every major. The committee reviews departmental writing plans, analyzes assessment data on writing, and makes recommendations to departments, University Writing, and the University Senate as appropriate.

The UWC has faculty representatives from each college and both an undergraduate and graduate student representative. Faculty interested in serving on the UWC should volunteer through the University Senate. Faculty serve a three-year term and may be reappointed for a second term. Undergraduates interested in serving should contact the incoming Student Government Association president in the spring term to express their interest in serving the following academic year. The graduate student representative is appointed by the Graduate Student Council president each year. The UWC meets about once a month on Thursdays from 3:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.

Committee Members

Co-chair, Christopher Basgier, Director of University Writing – Continuing, non-voting

Co-chair, Cathleen Erwin, Ralph “Shug” Jordan Professor of Writing – 2022

Katie Boyd, Director of the Office of Academic Assessment – Continuing, non-voting

Edward Loewenstein, Designee from Curriculum Committee – Continuing, non-voting

Lydia Wilkes, Director of First-year Composition – Continuing, non-voting

Maria Witte, Graduate School – Continuing, non-voting

Heather Alexander, School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences – 2024

Lynn Brown, School of Nursing – 2022

Paul Dyce, College of Agriculture – 2024

Luca Guazzotto, College of Sciences and Mathematics– 2022

Marcus "Ruedeiger" Hauck, College of Veterinary Medicine – 2023

Samantha Herbert, College of Architecture, Design, and Construction – 2022

Jane Kuehne, College of Education – 2022

Elizabeth Lipke, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering – 2023

David Martin, College of Human Sciences – 2023

Bernie Olin, Harrison School of Pharmacy – 2022

Emory Serviss, Raymond J. Harbert College of Business – 2024

Todd Shipman, AU Libraries – 2022

Laura Willis, College of Liberal Arts – 2023

Brandon Belser, Student Government Association representative – 2022

Chenyou ZouGraduate Student Council representative – 2022


Last updated: 08/12/2021