Beginning fall 2022, 10th through 12th graders enrolled in the following high schools in Fulton County, Georgia, and who meet eligibility requirements can participate in the Auburn First Program:

Alpharetta High

Banneker High

Cambridge High

Centennial High

Chattahoochee High

FCS College and Career Academy

Creekside High

Fulton Academy of Virtual Excellence

Global Impact Academy

Independence High

Innovation Academy

Johns Creek High

Langston Hughes High

McClarin High

Milton High

North Springs High

Northview High

Riverwood High

Roswell High

Tri-Cities High

Westlake High


Only Fulton County, Georgia, students who meet the following criteria are eligible to participate:

  • Completed the 9th grade
  • Maintained a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher
  • Have a high school support form submitted by their school counselor confirming their readiness for college work.

All Auburn First students must meet the following requirements to participate and remain in the program:

  • Meet eligibility requirements
  • Complete an online application and submit a $50 application fee (waivers are available for students who qualify – see below)
  • Submit non-refundable $250 enrollment deposit applied to tuition $550 (waivers are available to students who qualify – see below)
  • Participate in an online orientation (0 credit hours and offered at no cost)
  • Fulfill all financial obligations

Admission Timeline

Application Deadlines
July 15
October 15
March 15

How To Join


Meet with your high school guidance counselor to discuss dual enrollment opportunities at your school. You will need their support for your Auburn First application.


Complete an Auburn First application at (NOTE: You will be asked to create an account to start a new application.) There will be a $50 application fee (waivers available for those who qualify). This fee must be paid (or waiver recieved) for the next steps to continue.

1-3 business days later:


After your $50 application fee has been received, the Auburn First team will reach out to your high school counselor to request your official transcript and support form. All required documents must be received for your application to process.


Once all support documents are on file, your application will take at least two weeks to process fully. You can check your application status at

2 Weeks later:


You will receive a ‘Next Steps’ email from our team once your application has processed. It will include instructions for activating your Auburn user account, submitting your enrollment deposit, and registering for classes.


Pay your non-refundable enrollment deposit ($250 – applied to first semester tuition) to finalize your application. This deposit must be paid for the next steps to continue.

3-5 business days later:


Once your non-refundable enrollment deposit has processed, a Student Success Coordinator will be in touch via your new Auburn email ( with registration information. You will be required to complete our free online Student Orientation course to register for your first semester courses.


The free online Student Orientation course will be available in October for students admitted for Spring, and in March for students admitted for Summer and Fall. Complete our online Student Orientation course in Canvas to register for your first semester courses.

**If you have ACT and SAT scores, you may send these test scores to Auburn University for course placement information only**


Fulton County Schools students who complete Auburn First coursework in two or more terms** with a 3.0 or higher unadjusted cumulative GPA by August 15 at the beginning of their senior year will qualify for automatic admission to Auburn University. Students admitted and enrolled prior to Fall 2023 must earn six (6) or more credit hours with a 3.0 or higher GPA with no minimum term requirement.

**Academic terms refer to individual fall, spring, and summer terms. Courses offered during the first and second mini-mesters during the summer semester are not considered separate and are counted as one summer term.

Auburn University’s agreement with Fulton County offers students a tuition waiver to reflect the Fulton County rate of $550 per course.



Unless specifically noted, Auburn First courses are offered online, asynchronously to participating students. This means that there are no set class meeting times, and students can work at their own pace around their high school schedule. Students will be expected to meet the due dates and deadlines set by their professor, but they will not be required to log in and “attend” class.

Students will access their Auburn First courses and complete coursework using Canvas. Please note, if your high school uses Canvas, your Auburn First courses will not appear there! They should be accessed at

Our most up-to-date course offerings can be found at or by navigating to the ‘Courses’ tab.


When taken for dual enrollment credit, grades earned in Auburn University courses count toward students’ college and high school GPA. Auburn First students are limited to a total of 24 credit hours.


Auburn First faculty have designed their courses to meet quality and accessibility standards that will allow students to maximize their academic potential. Additionally, Auburn First students have access to several academic resources, including Academic Support tutoring services, University Writing, Adobe Creative Cloud, Office 365, and more.


Auburn University remains committed to ensuring Auburn remains affordable and accessible to Fulton County’s best and brightest students. While dual enrollment is beneficial to many high school students, Auburn also realizes that cost can be a prohibitive factor in a student’s decision to participate. Therefore, Auburn’s tuition waiver makes dual enrollment possible for Fulton County School System students with outstanding academic achievement and financial need.


  • Get admitted into Auburn First
  • Be a student in the Fulton County School System
  • Demonstrate financial need by meeting eligibility requirements for free or reduced lunch.


  • Step 1: Complete an Auburn First Application
  • Step 2: Select - Application Fee Waiver and complete the Application Fee Waiver Form.
  • Step 3: : Once accepted into the Auburn First program, a member of the Auburn First team will reach out to verify your eligibility
  • Step 4: Once your eligibility has been verified, your enrollment deposit will be waived and the Auburn First team will reach out about our orientation and registration process.

For more information, contact Sarah-Rachel Smith at


For additional questions about the Auburn First Tuition Waiver program, contact Sarah-Rachel Smith at

  • Who is eligible for an Auburn First Tuition waiver?
  • How can I request an Auburn First tuition waiver?
    • Select that you are eligible for an Application Fee Waiver on your Auburn First application. You’ll need to upload a completed application fee waiver form. This form can also be sent directly to Once you have been fully admitted to Auburn First, a member of our team will reach out to verify your eligibility.
  • How does Auburn First verify my eligibility for a tuition waiver?
    • Our program has modeled our verification process after the free or reduced lunch program by using the same income and categorical eligibility guidelines for free or reduced lunch. There are many different situations that can impact eligibility. If you have questions about whether you are eligible, feel free to reach out to Sarah-Rachel Smith at
  • Are textbooks and course materials covered by the waiver?
    • A tuition waiver will cover the tuition for your Auburn First coursework. At this time, the cost of textbooks, course materials, and online proctoring are not included in the tuition waiver.
  • How long does my waiver status last?
    • Your tuition waiver status will last until the end of the academic year (Fall to Summer) in which you were approved. Tuition waivers initially approved for a summer semester will last until the end of the following academic year.
  • Can my tuition waiver be renewed?
    • Your tuition waiver is eligible to be renewed as long as you remain eligible to participate in Auburn First and continue to qualify for free or reduced lunch. A member of our team will reach out when it is time to renew your tuition waiver.
  • Are there limits on what classes I can take or how many?
    • The tuition waiver waives tuition up to 24 credit hours of coursework in approved Auburn First courses.
    • Like any other Auburn First student, you are limited to courses offered by our program until you qualify for senior experience courses. With a tuition waiver, you can earn up to 24 credit hours of approved Auburn First coursework.


To prevent dual enrollment students from accumulating D or F grades on their college transcripts, the following requirements for continuous eligibility will be implemented beginning Fall 2022.

  • If a dual enrollment student earns a D or F in any Auburn course but finishes the term with a 2.0 Auburn GPA or above, they will be required to participate in academic coaching in their next term of enrollment. An updated letter of support from the high school counselor will also be required for the student to enroll in future courses, and students will only be permitted to enroll in one course for the next term.
  • If a dual enrollment student earns less than a 2.0 Auburn GPA in a given term, they will be required to participate in academic coaching in their next term of enrollment. An updated letter of support from the high school counselor will also be required for the student to enroll in future courses, and students will only be permitted to enroll in one course per semester for two consecutive terms.

** Dual enrollment students must consult their high school counselors to ensure that the continuous eligibility policies at their school are also met.


To participate, Fulton County students must have completed 9th grade or higher and have a minimum 3.0 high school GPA.

Interested students may apply using the application for Auburn First for admission. When completing the application, choose “Auburn First.”

No. Admission to Auburn University as a degree-seeking student can be achieved either through meeting the requirements for automatic admission through Auburn First OR applying through the regular admission process.

Auburn First courses are offered to eligible Fulton County School System students at a flat fee of $550 per course. Once accepted to Auburn First, students must submit a $250 enrollment deposit to be applied toward tuition (waivers are available for students who qualify).

The tuition waiver is only applicable while enrolled in Auburn First. Once a student is fully admitted to Auburn, they will be classified as a non-resident for tuition purposes unless they meet Auburn University’s residency policy.