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Criteria for Selection & Non-Selection

(Recruitment Summary)

Following the on-campus interview process, the Department Head/Chair will poll the faculty to assist in determining the applicant to be recommended to the Dean and Provost for appointment.  Following a faculty vote, the search committee will provide a brief summary of each interviewed applicant’s qualifications and the criteria differentiating the recommended applicant from the others, indicating why the recommended applicant was selected. The search committee and/or department chair/head will prepare reasons for non-selection for all other applicants as well. The workflow status should be changed to the proper category (i.e., interviewed, not selected; not as qualified as those interviewed, did not meet minimum qualifications, etc.) and the reasons should be entered in to the explanation field box. Depending on the College/School this may be entered by the Hiring Manager or HR Liaison.

The Hiring Proposal requires review and approval by the Department Head/Chair, Dean, Provost and AA/EEO.

Note:  In a department with multiple active searches, an applicant for a position may not be selected for the position to which he/she applied but may still be considered qualified for another position.  This determination may be made during the process of selecting those applicants to be interviewed or after the on-campus interview.  In such a case, the workflow status should be indicated as “Pending Another Search” and the position number for which the applicant is still being considered will be entered in the space provided for criteria for non-selection.  “Pending Another Search” would also be utilized when more than one person is being filled from a single applicant pool. 

For an applicant who withdraws his/her application at any point during the recruitment process the workflow status should be changed to “Withdrawn”.  If the reason for withdrawal is known, that information should be noted in the space provided for criteria for non-selection.

Last Updated: October 17, 2016