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Send Letter of Offer to Selected Candidate

This document should include the specific job title and rank at which the appointment will be made, the salary offered, and the date the appointment will begin. The responsibilities of the position and work load expectations should be clearly defined.

If this is a tenure-track position, information should be provided regarding the tenure process and the date employment with the University will cease should the faculty member not receive tenure. If the selected candidate is a foreign national, the letter must include a statement that when the faculty member is eligible for tenure consideration, the awarding of tenure will be contingent upon the individual providing evidence of eligibility to remain in the United States with appropriate work authorization from the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service or another agency, if applicable.

If the offer is being extended to an ABD and recruitment materials indicated that ABDs would be considered, information should be included regarding the initial appointment rank of Instructor and reduced salary, including the statement that promotion to the rank of Assistant Professor at the higher salary will be made at the beginning of the semester following completion of the Ph.D. It is strongly suggested that if the offer is being extended to an ABD, a one-year deadline be placed on the faculty member for completion of the Ph.D.

If recruitment materials did not indicate that ABD candidates would be considered, the letter of offer must include the statement that if the Ph.D. is not completed at the time the appointment is scheduled to begin, the offer of employment will be withdrawn.

If this is a visiting position, the visiting status and term of appointment must be stated. If this is a NTTF position, the letter must state include the statement that this is a non-tenure track appointment.

If the selected candidate is a foreign national, the letter must include a statement that the offer is contingent upon the candidate meeting eligibility requirements for work in the United States by the date the appointment is scheduled to begin. (sample letter follows) If the department will provide a moving allowance, that information and the amount of the allowance should be stated in the letter. The University’s policies regarding reimbursement of moving expenses should be included. Travel Policies

Last Updated: January 16, 2018