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Registering for Classes FAQ

Do I have to see an advisor before I register?
Some colleges require students to meet with an academic advisor before they can register. In these cases, students are assigned an alternate PIN that prevents a student from registering until he or she has met with his or her college or departmental advisor. It is highly recommended that all students meet with their advisor before registering for classes. To find out if you are required to meet with your advisor to register, check your college advising page.
When should I meet with my advisor?
If your college requires you to meet with your advisor prior to registration, you should plan to meet with him or her several weeks before your registration time-ticket opens, or on the scheduled times set by your college. Please note that just prior to registration is a very busy time for academic advisors, so you will need to plan ahead. If your college requires you to schedule an appointment to see your advisor, you will need to make your appointment at least a week before you wish to meet. If your college does NOT require you to meet with your advisor prior to registration, you are strongly encouraged to schedule a meeting to make sure the courses you are planning to enroll in meet your curriculum model requirements. You can also utilize DegreeWorks to help confirm your course selections. It is recommended that you meet with your advisor anytime you are not sure about some aspect of your academic schedule or course choices or if you are considering dropping a class, changing your major, adding a minor, using a GAP for a class, etc.
When do I register for next semester?
Registration takes place the first Monday in November for the spring semester and the first Monday in April for summer/fall semester. For additional time ticket information see the registration schedule.
How do I register for classes?
Login to AU Access by using your AU username and password. On the My Academics tab, Registration and Advising section, you will find registration instructions, your time ticket information for registration along with other important instructions.
What is my Time Ticket and how do I find it?
Students are assigned specific days and times to begin registration. These individual times are referred to as "Time Tickets." Time tickets are assigned to students approximately one week before registration for the next semester begins. Time tickets are based on all hours earned plus current Auburn hours for which a student is registered. This includes any transfer hours that have been posted by the date the time ticket is set. To find out your specific registration time, check the registration schedule or login to AU Access. Once the assigned time ticket begins, students may register until registration is turned off for everyone.
What classes should I take next semester?
The classes you take should be based on your academic plan you determined with your advisor during your advising meetings. Curriculum information, requirements for each major and a description of courses can be found in the AU Bulletin. What classes you take depends on your major (or intended major), your semester classification, the courses you still need in order to graduate or to enter a major, and the Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) that you need to meet.
What is a Registration Hold and how do I get it removed? What is an alternate PIN?
A Registration Hold prevents a student from registering for classes for the upcoming semester. Registration holds can be placed on a student for various reasons by Student Financial Services, the AU Medical Clinic, your academic department, or other authorized individuals. A Registration Hold can only be removed by the party placing the hold. Your academic advisor can assist you in determining the source of the hold and directing you to the appropriate party to have it removed. You should check for holds at least a week before your registration time begins. An alternate PIN may be placed on your record by an academic unit or your College advisor. It means that you will need to talk with an advisor of the unit that assigned the alternate PIN before you will be able to register.
What is a waitlist and how does it work?
Auburn has implemented the wait listing feature within Banner to combat the confusion of multiple types/processes to waitlist for a class. Many classes will have waitlists that might not have had them in the past, and students are able to avoid having to make a separate visit to departmental offices to get registered for classes. In some cases, student priority for open seats is determined by the order in which students joined the waitlist; in other cases departments reorder the waitlist to give priority to students with the greatest need for the course. Read the Waitlist Document for complete, detailed information about waitlists.
What is the difference between a prerequisite and a co-requisite course?
Various courses have prerequisites that must be met before a student can take a particular course. Prerequisites can include: successful completion of a designated course in a sequence, GPA, and/or classification. Example: ENGL1100 is a prerequisite to ENGL1120. A co-requisite means that two courses may need to be taken concurrently. Example: BIOL1000 and BIOL1001 are co-requisites. Some co-requisites do not have to be taken.
I used the GAP for a couple of courses in the past. Does that have any bearing on what I register for now?
Yes, if you have used a GAP for a course or courses, you will need to meet with your academic advisor to determine which courses to take.
May I register to take classes at AU and classes at another school during the same semester?
Yes, students may be concurrently enrolled at another institution while taking courses at Auburn. However, taking courses elsewhere requires that you complete a "Transient Student Form" online. You should always discuss plans to take courses elsewhere with your advisor to be sure that the courses you plan to take will count toward your Auburn degree. The completed form is taken or mailed by the student to the intended university prior to course enrollment. The form will not be faxed by the Office of the Registrar. Transient Approval Policy

Last Updated: August 28, 2018