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General Advising FAQs

Why do I need to meet with an advisor?
Meeting each semester with your advisor will help keep you on track to progress smoothly toward completing your degree requirements. An advisor is able to help you make sure that you are planning to register for the appropriate courses, answer questions about possible course options, and refer you to the appropriate people and resources to discuss career and future education options, tutoring programs and counseling services.
Who is my advisor?
You met with an academic advisor at the orientation program you attended, either Camp War Eagle or SOS. If you are in the same major you were in when you attended orientation, this person could still be your advisor, or you might see another advisor within that college. If you have changed majors into a different college, you will have a new advisor. Each college provides academic advising for students and you will need to follow the advising protocol for your particular college. Depending on your academic program, you may have more than one advisor - a departmental/faculty advisor and/or a general advisor. If you do not know who your advisor is, consult your college's student services office.
When should I meet with my advisor?
If your college requires you to meet with your advisor prior to registration, you should plan to meet with him or her one-two weeks before your registration time-ticket opens, or on the scheduled times set by your college. Please note that just prior to registration is a very busy time for academic advisors, so you will need to plan ahead. If your college requires you to schedule an appointment to see your advisor, you will need to make your appointment at least a week before you wish to meet.

If your college does NOT require you to meet with your advisor prior to registration, you are strongly encouraged to schedule a meeting to make sure the courses you are planning to enroll in meet your curriculum model requirements. You can also utilize DegreeWorks to help confirm your course selections.

It is recommended that you meet with your advisor anytime you are not sure about some aspect of your academic schedule or course choices or if you are considering dropping a class, changing your major, adding a minor, using a GAP for a class, etc.
How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?
Some colleges require you to schedule an appointment to meet with your advisor while others have walk-in advising times. Appointments can be scheduled on-line for those areas that do require a scheduled appointment. Check your specific college to determine the procedure for your academic area.
Can I change advisors?
It is recommended that students remain with the advisor assigned to them by their college. If there are extenuating circumstances that warrant changing advisors, you will need to contact the Associate Dean or Director of Student Services of your college.
Where do I find academic policies, academic requirements, and the official curriculum models for every degree?
The AU Bulletin contains the academic policies, academic requirements, and official curriculum models for all degree programs offered at Auburn University. It also contains a brief description of all classes Auburn offers.

Last modified: July 14, 2017

Last Updated: August 27, 2018