Clinical Affairs and Outreach

Pharmacy Health Services

HSOP has a strong commitment to improving the health outcomes of Alabama citizens. One way that HSOP has demonstrated this commitment is by developing and implementing innovative and progressive pharmacy practice models, including models of interprofessional care. The part of HSOP that focuses on this work is the Clinical Health Services (CHS) unit. CHS provides direct patient care to patients in community pharmacy and ambulatory care practice settings. PHS currently provides care for Auburn University employees, dependents, retirees, and students, and State of Alabama employees, dependents, and early retirees.

CHS is working to develop a sustainable practice model for pharmacists that is separate from the pharmacist’s role in dispensing medications. Dr. Braxton Lloyd and her team in CHS are working on models where pharmacists obtain reimbursement for services such as:

  • Providing health and wellness screenings
  • Recommending health interventions
  • Identifying, resolving, and monitoring drug-related problems
  • Monitoring the efficacy and safety of medicines
  • Recommending cost-effective therapies
  • Conducting medication check-ups
  • Providing holistic, patient-centered care
  • Contributing to an interprofessional team of healthcare providers as the medication expert on the team
  • Providing continuous, ongoing medication therapy management (MTM) for patients

The model was developed at the AUPCC at Auburn University, validated at the SWC in Montgomery, and is being extended into the community through the Alabama Pharmacy Services Network (APSN) and the PHS Community Residency Program.

“Making Medications Work Through Innovative Research, Education, and Patient Care.” – HSOP Slogan, 2014.

Last Updated: September 9, 2019