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Subhrajit Bhattacharya Subhrajit Bhattacharya
Degree Program: Ph.D., Pharmacology
Anticipated Graduation: 2016
Advisor: Vishnu Suppiramaniam, Ph.D.
Email: szb0050@auburn.edu

Curriculum Vitae

B.Pharm., West Bengal University of Health Sciences (India), 2009
M.S., Pharmacology - Butler, 2011

Research Areas:

  • Reconsolidation of Fear Memory
  • Chemobrain Mediated Memory Loss

I come from Calcutta, the eastern metropolis and the erstwhile British capital of India. I grew up in a city known for its literary culture, and attending South Point High School, one of the best schools in the country, provided me a knack for higher studies.

Standing first class (Gold Medalist, 2009) in West Bengal, a state with nine million people, in my B. Pharmacy studies, gave further impetus to my quest for advanced research. My personal interest in neuroscience stems from the belief that only a fraction of the “brain story” has been read so far.

A plethora of scientific discoveries are needed to get a better understanding of complex neural networks, specifically in the field of synaptic plasticity and how it helps memories to be formed and stored. Supported by a strong training in molecular neuroscience in my masters, this interest grew into a long term goal to become a neuroscientist and study how receptors in neurons play a major role in memory processing.

The doctoral project I am working on fits into my long term objectives, and deals with how fear memories are reconsolidated through Glutamate receptor trafficking. On the lines of Dr. Sabine Spijker’s findings, we opined that reconsolidation and Glutamate receptor waves in neurons are mediated by dissociation between LTP and LTD post-retrieval. My current training under Dr. Vishnu Suppiramaniam’s supervision in electrophysiology combined with behavioral neuropsychology with Dr. Martha Escobar, has given me the opportunities to integrate two fields with common roots. My expectations and goals are to gain further experience and expertise in synaptic plasticity mechanisms and how it plays role in neurodegenerative disorders.

I believe my strong training in electrophysiology and behavior, will place me in future as successful scientist in a competitive research environment.


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