Pre-Requisite Admissions Requirements

Students in front of Samford Hall

Prior to enrollment into the Harrison School of Pharmacy, students must complete the Pre-Pharmacy program requirements. Usually this is done during the three years immediately prior to starting the professional curriculum, although alternative paths have been successfully followed by many students.

The prerequisite academic work required for entry into the Harrison School of Pharmacy’s Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program consists of a minimum of 87 semester hours distributed as follows.

Humanities and Social Sciences (30 hours)*

  • English Composition (6 hours)
  • Social Sciences (6 hours)
  • Additional Courses (18 hours)
    Courses that are acceptable for meeting this requirement include, but are not limited to, History, Literature, Fine Arts, Philosophy, Religion, Foreign Languages, Ethics, Speech, Communications, and Additional Social Sciences.

*Applicants that will enter the HSOP with a baccalaureate degree are required to complete the English Composition (6 hours) and Social Sciences (6 hours), but may be waived from additional Humanities and Social Science requirements.

Science and Math Core (38-42 hours)

  • General Biology (4 hours)
  • General Chemistry with Laboratory (8 hours)
  • Organic Chemistry with Laboratory (8 hours)
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology (8 hours) OR Upper Division Physiology (4 hours)**
  • Microbiology (4 hours)
  • Calculus (4 hours)
  • Statistics (3 hours)
  • Biochemistry (3 hours)

**Acceptable courses include Mammalian, Vertebrate, Human, or Animal Physiology

Additional courses (15-19 hours)

Applicants can use coursework in various subjects (both science and non-science) to fulfill this requirement. As part of its holistic admissions process, the HSOP’s Admissions Committee will particularly consider the successful completion of additional science coursework in the following areas:

  • Physics
  • Biological sciences (e.g., Genetics/Genomic Biology, Immunology, Physiology, Cell Biology, Advanced Microbiology, Histology, Virology, Comparative Anatomy)
  • Chemistry (e.g., Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Enzymology)
  • Advanced Mathematics – beyond Calculus I

  1. Students seeking baccalaureate degrees from their undergraduate colleges/universities should follow appropriate plans of study as directed by their advisors.
  2. Undergraduate students in Biomedical Sciences at Auburn University and the University of South Alabama seeking a Bachelor’s Degree after enrollment in the Pharm.D. program should follow plans of study as directed by their academic advisors to assure that all degree requirements are met.

Last Updated: March 31, 2020