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On April 22, 2014, the Harrison School of Pharmacy introduced a new school slogan: "Making Medications Work Through Innovative Research Education and Patient Care."

The idea of a slogan was first brought up in 2012, with a call put out to students and faculty to submit ideas a year ago. While the intention was to review the submissions and select a winner, the end product ended up being a conglomeration of the submissions.

The slogan hits on three main areas as part of the mission of the Harrison School of Pharmacy: Innovative Research, Innovative Education and Innovative Pharmacy Practice.

Tubes in a Centrifuge
Innovative Research
Faculty will discover and develop new drugs, and improve how existing medications can be used more effectively. Our groundbreaking research enterprise will engage in interdisciplinary collaboration with other researchers across the globe to save and improve patients’ lives.

Conference Meeting Room with Students and a Professor
Innovative Education
The Auburn graduate will be ready to adapt to a changing practice environment and provide leadership to capitalize on those changes for the betterment of patient care and the profession. Graduates will be exceptionally prepared to contribute to a safe and effective drug distribution system, increase access to primary care and ensure that patients’ drug therapy is optimized.

Pharmacy Student performing a checkup on Aubie
Innovative Pharmacy Practice
By directly engaging patients and health care systems, we will improve health outcomes and promote progressive changes in practice. The School will establish, maintain and evaluate collaborative inter-professional patient care practices for the betterment of patient health and advancement of the profession.

Last Updated: October 24, 2018