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Questioning Quilts/Questioning Art

My research both as an art historian and as a studio art teacher of adults and children is meant to raise questions rather than answer them. Before beginning any meaningful conversation (and teaching) about the Quilts of Gee's Bend, several working definitions of words that are commonly believed to be universal in meaning must be explored.

What is art? Who are artists? Why is art produced? Who/what defines all of the above AND to what purpose? How and why do artworks previously considered an affront to the viewers' intelligence (as well as to their sensibilities) become acceptable? What language exists or should exist to discuss/teach the quilts? I would like to find/develop words and methods to convey the quilters' intentions in their own voices and with their own emphasis.

I have been using this research to develop additional multi-disciplined and inter-cultural lessons for classroom teachers and art educators. Further along in the project, I would like to have an art bus (artmobile) to take the art to the children in rural areas.

Quilt images courtesy of Tinwood Media | All other photographs courtesy Jim Peppler, 1966, all rights reserved