Program Types
Auburn Programs

Auburn programs are designed specifically for Auburn students by a professor or department on campus and may be offered during any term or in conjunction with a specific class/major at Auburn University. They vary in length, geographic region, and subject area and award direct Auburn course credit. These programs can be broken down into the following types:

Faculty Led Programs Icon
  • Faculty-led programs are the most popular type of program among AU students because they offer regular AU courses, a higher level of support, and opportunities to connect with other AU students.
Internship Programs Icon
  • Faculty-supervised internships may be offered as a standalone experience or in conjunction with a study abroad program. These are ideal for students who have taken courses in their major area and would like to gain hands-on experience working in their field before graduation. They provide a higher level of independence and can be flexible with working conditions.
Exchange Programs Icon
  • Exchange programs allow students to enroll in regular university classes at a partner institution abroad. They are ideal for students who prefer to pay their regular AU tuition and fees, desire a higher level of independence and immersion into the local culture, want to plan their own semester excursions, and seek to make lifelong international contacts.
Non-Auburn Programs

Non-Auburn programs offer expanded location and course options and are available for students whose interests may not align with Auburn program offerings. Applications must be submitted to Auburn Abroad as well as the non-Auburn program. Students receive transfer credit for courses completed, but the courses are pre-approved prior to departure. Non-Auburn programs are available through the following types of organizations:

  • Affiliate providers are companies that create study abroad opportunities for university students. They have U.S.-based and on-site staff dedicated to arranging courses, housing, excursions, and handling other program logistics. Auburn Abroad can assist students with choosing reputable affiliate providers.
  • Other universities may allow AU students to participate on their programs.
  • Direct enrollment at a university abroad may be of interest to students who desire to study in a particular location that does not have an established program through a U.S. university or affiliate program.

Check out Selecting a Program if you need help choosing the right one for you.

Last Updated: September 6, 2016