Application Deadlines
  • Fall Programs – April 30th
  • Spring Programs – October 15th
  • Summer Programs – March 30th

Application deadlines refer to the date that all preliminary applications and supporting documents must be submitted. Deadlines may vary depending on the program and sometimes may occur earlier than scheduled.

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Application Process

The following steps outline the entire study abroad process, from deciding to go to returning home. It is never too early to start thinking about and planning your international experience, as early preparation allows you to adjust your Auburn University courses and plan of study to incorporate a program abroad.

The actual application for your program will be completed the semester before the term you want to go abroad, and starting an application as soon as it opens is strongly recommended because you will be able to more easily adapt to any changes in procedure or additional requirements that arise. Give yourself plenty of time to complete any program requirements and work out all of the details of the study abroad process. Do not wait until the deadline approaches to apply!

  • Create Auburn Abroad online application and complete all preliminary checklist items by specified deadline.
  • If applying to non-AU program, complete their application concurrently.
  • Get courses approved by completing Course Approval Form OR Transfer Credit Form (AU vs. non-AU programs) and submitting to Auburn Abroad.
  • Fill out forms for financial aid and/or scholarships (except PACT – see below).
  • Program Search Video Thumb
    How to Search for a Program

  • Course Form Thumb
    How to Complete Course Approval Form

  • Complete post-acceptance checklist items on Auburn Abroad online application (including PACT form).
  • Attend required Pre-Departure Orientation hosted by Auburn Abroad.
  • Apply for a visa if applicable.
  • Finalize program logistics (payment, travel arrangements, housing, medications, etc.)
  • Read student blogs and websites for your city to find the local hidden gems.
  • Go with the flow and be flexible – things that go awry make sometimes make the best stories.
  • Make an extra effort to meet and make friends with locals.
  • Walk when you can - you'll see things you may have otherwise missed.
  • Have fun!
Key Stakeholders
  • Auburn Abroad – Will guide you through the Auburn Abroad application and answer any questions in regards to your study abroad experience.
  • Academic Advisor – Will assist in course selection for study abroad and will also serve as another point of contact for questions about academics as related to study abroad.
  • Faculty Director – Refers to the faculty or staff member leading an Auburn study abroad program. Will have detailed information about their respective program and may have separate orientation meetings. Talk to this person early and often!
  • Program Provider – If not using an Auburn program, you will not only apply to Auburn Abroad but also through the affiliate program that will be coordinating your study abroad experience. Program-specific questions should be referred to them.
  • Student Financial Services – Will work with you to determine the amount of aid that you will be eligible to use toward your study abroad experience.
  • Office of University Scholarships – Will help you understand which AU scholarships are eligible to be used for your study abroad program.
Last Updated: November 15, 2019