Study Abroad
  • Studying abroad is your opportunity to complete course credits toward your Auburn University degree in exciting locations around the world.
  • It is important to research the courses that are offered and how each will count as degree requirements for your major, minor, core curriculum classes, or general electives.
Academic Credit

Credits and transcripts may be issued by Auburn University, a U.S. institution, or a foreign institution depending on the program and courses you choose for your study abroad experience.

  • Auburn programs will result in AU credit, as if you were taking the courses on campus. Letter grades received on an Auburn University study abroad programs will be factored into your institutional and overall (cumulative) GPA.
  • Non-Auburn programs will result in transfer credit. Letter grades received on a non-Auburn study abroad program will appear on your transcript and will be factored into your overall GPA but not factored into your institutional GPA.
Course Approval and Credit Transfer

Auburn University courses (or the AU equivalent) may be pre-determined for each study abroad program, but this is not always the case.

  • For Auburn faculty-led and internship programs, AU courses or their pre-determined equivalents will be listed on each program brochure page or provided by the program director.
  • Typically, students participating in an Auburn exchange or a non-Auburn program will need to obtain AU equivalents of the courses taken abroad.
  • Transfer credit will only be accepted by an accredited international institution or US school of record.

As part of the study abroad application process, you are required to complete a Course Approval Form or Transfer Credit Form (depending on the program you choose), which will confirm approval for credit transfer prior to departure.

To obtain AU equivalents for courses taken abroad, follow these steps:

  1. Download a copy of the Course Approval Form or Transfer Credit Form from your online application (or contact Auburn Abroad if you don’t have an online application).
  2. Locate a list of courses offered on the program (usually found on the program website), and obtain a description or syllabus for each course that you are interested in taking.
  3. Contact the corresponding articulation evaluator to obtain the AU course equivalent. You should approach the subject area department or unit in which the course could belong (for example, a history course taken abroad should be approved by the history department). The articulation evaluator will list the AU course equivalent and sign for approval on your form.
  4. Continue this process until all courses have been assigned an AU equivalent. Obtain the remaining signatures, and turn the form in to Auburn Abroad.
Maintaining Full-Time Status

To maintain full-time student status at Auburn University during the term abroad, students are enrolled in an Auburn Abroad placeholder course.

  • This registration is required for all Auburn programs and specifically for students using any type of AU scholarship or financial aid (including PACT) or if they require international medical evacuation insurance.*
  • A registration fee called the Auburn Abroad Fee is assessed in addition to the applicable program charges, and this replaces the regular Student Services Fee during the student’s term abroad.

* If none of these conditions apply to a student participating in a non-Auburn program during the summer term, the student can choose to decline enrollment in the Auburn Abroad placeholder course. Note that academic transfer credit can still be earned if the student does not enroll, but an Auburn Abroad online application must be completed for approval. By choosing this option, the student will be participating in the program completely independent from Auburn University and will not be covered under the Auburn University International Insurance.

U.S. Grade and Credit Conversion

Auburn Abroad uses the World Education Services (WES) International Grade Conversion Guide to determine all U.S. letter grade equivalents for grades appearing on international transcripts. U.S. credits are determined based on contact hours (15 contact hours = 1 U.S. credit).


The timeline in which your AU records are updated with course credits earned abroad will vary depending on when Auburn Abroad receives your study abroad transcript. Transcripts from foreign universities can often take 2-3 months to arrive at Auburn University. Contact Auburn Abroad directly if any questions arise.

Last Updated: August 07, 2017