This Is Auburn Office of International Programs Service to the World

In 2010, two major initiatives were undertaken to increase study abroad participation and internationalization of the Auburn campus. First, OIP moved Auburn from a language-intensive study abroad model to a discipline-centered model, where overseas programming is available to students of all majors. And second, OIP introduced the traditional, semester-long student exchange model to Auburn, encouraging the creation of student exchange partners that also facilitate collaborations in allied academic and research endeavors.

And while study abroad participation numbers have steadily been increasing, there has been a paradigm shift in Auburn’s study abroad profile. Today, almost every department has developed their own short-term, faculty-led and/or exchange program so that all undergraduate students on Auburn’s campus have the option of taking part of their academic degree program overseas.

And the number of programs offered continues to increase as academic units continue to internationalize their curriculum, and as OIP offers new programs to broaden opportunities through the academic career. Today, OIP runs pre-Freshman programs for incoming students before they start Fall classes, and lower-division Core Curriculum classes in Europe. These programs complement the upper-division, faculty-led programs in the academic units and growing programs that provide overseas research, intern, work, and service experience.

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Last Updated: November 15, 2019