This Is Auburn Office of International Programs Service to the World

The Office of International Programs assists faculty in making the connections they need overseas to be successful in their scholarship, providing access through travel funds to laboratories, facilities, equipment, international scholars, and international funding agencies. OIP also assists Auburn University in coordinating large, cross-college interdisciplinary initiatives. Teaming with other units at Auburn, past efforts have explored placing an engineering campus in China, establishing undergraduate and graduate education programs in the Republic of Georgia, and OIP is currently assisting Auburn in building capacity in distance education in Malawi.

In monitoring faculty travel for travel insurance, OIP maintains metrics related to faculty international collaborations and initiatives.

Research Trips by Auburn Faculty

  • 2018: 276 Research Trips
  • 2017: 247 Research Trips
  • 2016: 194 Research trips
  • 2015: 129 Research trips
  • 2014: 140 Research trips
Last Updated: November 15, 2019