Trees of Alabama and the Southeast

Lisa Samuelson, Ph.D.
School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Auburn University

Pinus elliottii

Needles are fascicled, in groups of 2 sometimes 3, about 9 inches long, evergreen and flexible. Twigs are orange-brown and scaly with red-brown buds. Bark is brown with white-flecked or tan-flecked plates. Cones are about 7 inches long, chocolate brown and shiny, and weakly armed. Form is up to 30 m (100 ft) in height and 1 m (3 ft) in diameter. Slash pine is found on damp to well-drained soils in the southeastern Coastal Plain and is intolerant of shade. The commercially important wood is used for pulpwood, plywood and construction lumber. This tree is also a source of turpentine.

Photographs by Mike Hogan.

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