Trees of Alabama and the Southeast

Lisa Samuelson, Ph.D.
School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Auburn University

Pinus strobus

Needles are fascicled, in groups of 5, about 5 inches long, blue-green, evergreen and flexible. Twigs are gray and smooth. Branches are whorled on the trunk. Bark is green-gray and smooth on young trees but is more plated and grooved on large trees. Cones are about 7 inches long, brown, thin, and unarmed. Form is up to 46 m (150 ft) in height and 1 m (3 ft) in diameter; branches are produced in whorls on the trunk. Eastern white pine is found on a variety of sites in the eastern U.S. and as far south as northern Alabama. The soft wood is used for boxes, furniture and matches. This tree is used in Christmas tree plantations and is the largest pine in the eastern United States.

Photographs by Mike Hogan.

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