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Extra Brown Spot Needle Blight Resources


Treasured Forest Vol. XLI No. 2 - 2022


BSNB News Articles

Auburn University research team receives $2.1 million grant to mitigate growing threat to pine forests 

Multi-disciplinary research team hosts workshop as part of effort to mitigate growing economic threat to pine forests


BSNB Web Resources

Brown spot needle blight A resource from the University of Minnesota Extentsion.

Brown Spot Needle Blight A page by the Alabama Forestry Commission exploring identification and importance of BSNB

Red Band and Brown Spot Needle Blights A PDF from the Forest Service about Red Band and Brown Spot Needle Blights

Mycosphaerella dearnessii (brown spot needle blight) CABI pest data sheet.


Other Forest Health Issues Web Resources

Presence of Blight Pathogen Confirmed in Arkansas Pine Trees


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