Dr. Michael Wooten

334 Funchess Hall
(334) 844-4826



Population Genetics; Molecular Ecology; Conservation Biology; Biological Statistics.

  • Electronic Fly Colony. Program and laboratory exercises created for use in Genetics Laboratory instruction.

    Primary Instructional Responsibilities:

    General Genetics (BIOL 3000) -- 500+ students / year

    Population Genetics (BIOL 6170)

    Biological Statistics (STAT 7040)

    Biometry (BIOL 7980)

    Evolutionary Genetics (BIOL 7290)

    Current Research

    Research in our laboratory is currently focused on responses to nutritional variation within natural populations. In this work we are utilizing molecular and biochemical markers to study the relatonship between stress induced autophagy, gene regulaton and population cycling. Variation in a major signalling protein complex (p62) and its association with mitochondial function is the primary cellular system being investigated. We are currently conducting experiments designed to identify epigenetic targets that effect the cellular regulation of this system. The impacts to gene control regions by both oxidative damage and DNA methylation are under study. Our primary research models are two species of native mice (Peromyscus polionotus and Peromyscus maniculatus) that co-occur in the southeastern United States. Our laboratory also routinely collaborates on a wide variety of projects across a broad spectrum of model systems.

    Graduate Research Opportunties

    Openings are available for graduate students interested in molecular ecology. Students interested in develping and incorporating both laboratory and field experiences in their research are particularly encouraged to apply.

    Representative Publications:

    Jadhav, T., M. W. Wooten and M. C. Wooten. 2010. Mining the TRAF6/p62 interactome for a selective ubiquination motif. BMC Proceedings (Special Issue – Accepted).

    Schnell, G. D. M. de Lourdes Romero-Almaraz, S. T. Martínez-Chapital, C. Sánchez -Hernández, M. L. Kennedy, T. L. Best, M. C. Wooten and R. D. Owen. 2010. Habitat use and demographic characteristics of the west Mexican cotton rat (Sigmodon mascotensis). Mammalia (In press)

    Du, Y., M. C. Wooten and M. W. Wooten. 2009. Oxidative damage to the promoter region of p62 is common to neurodegenerative disease. Neurodegenerative Diseases 35:302- 310.

    Du, Yifeng, M. C. WOOTEN, M. Gearing and M. W. Wooten. 2009. Age-associated oxidative damage to the p62 promoter: Implications for Alzheimer’s disease. Free Radical Biology and Medicine 46:492-501.

    Romagosa, C. M, G. Guyer and M. C. WOOTEN. 2009. The contribution of the live vertebrate trade toward taxonomic homogenization. Conservation Biology 23:1001-1007.

    Tenaglia, K. M., J. L. Van Zant and M. C. Wooten. 2007. Multiple captures and relatedness of Alabama beach mice. Journal of Mammalogy 88:580-588.

    Van Zant, J. L. and M. C. Wooten. 2007. Old mice, young islands and competing biogeography hypotheses. Molecular Ecology 16:5070-5083.