Volunteer Coordinators

Hannah Cobb (hcc0026@auburn.edu)

Catherine Croker (cec0098@auburn.edu)

Volunteer Events will be communicated through AUinvolve.


  • Sign-ups for each event will take place at the end of meetings. Events will be announced at the beginning of meetings and on AUinvolve.
  • Failure to attend a volunteer event after reserving a place will result in suspension of volunteer privileges for the remainder of the semester. 
  • There will also be opportunities to gain AED service points that do not require signing up and an unlimited number of members can participate. These events (card drives, food drives, toy drives, blood drives, etc.) will also be publicized at meetings and through email.
  • Even though the volunteer coordinators keep a record of your AED service points, everyone is encouraged to keep a personal record as well. Document each event for which you volunteer including the date, time, and contact person. An example form you can use can be found on the Forms page. Doing this will make applying for AED national membership and professional school much easier.

COSAM Outreach Events
AED will participate in many of the COSAM Outreach programs throughout the year. The volunteer coordinators will announce upcoming events and how to get involved. More information about these programs can be found at the Outreach website.

AED Sponsored Events
The volunteer coordinators will organize volunteer opportunities with local organizations; in the past, we have worked with Storybook Farm, Community Market, Boys & Girls Club, and more. Information about these events will be announced at meetings and over the listserv.

Blood Drives
You may attend any blood drive held on campus. Make sure to ask for documentation in order to receive your service point. You can turn in documentation to the volunteer coordinators after meetings.

Food, Card, and Toy Drives
These will be held throughout the year and you can receive AED service points. We will announce when these drives will be going on, where to turn in items, and how many points you can receive at upcoming meetings.  

Pre-Representative Concentration Volunteer Events
Please contact the pre-reps about these events if you have any questions. The events will be announced at the meetings. Some events will have sign-ups at the meetings; other events do not have sign-ups, and anyone is welcome to come. Emails will be sent out about the events.

Links to Other Auburn University Service Organizations:

Although only events that AED sponsors or approves may count toward national membership, we strongly encourage our members to get involved with other service organizations. Below are some campus organizations that provide various service opportunities.

Impact: This is a service organization that helps you find a place to volunteer.  Some participating organizations include the Boys and Girls Club, Loachapoka schools, local nursing homes and many others.  

Habitat for Humanity: Habitat is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization that provides affordable housing to families in need.

Project Uplift: Project Uplift is an organization whose main goal is to help children develop constructive, happy lives so that the delinquency rate in Lee County will decrease. 

Circle K: Circle K meets weekly and is involved in many types of service projects such as the Humane Society, the Boys and Girls Club, and visiting children in the hospital.

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Club: The purpose of PTOTC is to provide information about the fields of physical therapy and occupational therapy, to help students decide if these are good career choices, to provide shadowing opportunities and to give those applying a step-by-step guide to the admissions process.

Last updated: 08/31/2021