Alpha Epsilon Delta: The Health Pre-Professional Honor Society

AED Colors: Red and Violet

AED Flower: Red Rose

Duties of Chapter Officers

The officers provide guidance, direction and leadership in promoting the objectives of the Society as stated in the Constitution. Capable, sincere, and responsible officers willing to work are essential for an active, progressive chapter. Alpha Epsilon Delta is represented on your campus by the chapter advisors, officers, and the members. The perception of AED is directly related to your chapter’s programs and activities. The officers should develop effective programs that are beneficial to the chapter members. You have the opportunity to make AED the type of organization that will attract qualified students who will become contributing members.

The following is an outline of principal duties associated with the primary chapter leadership positions.


The leadership of the president is a key element in chapter success. The president serves as a mentor for other officers and is responsible for chapter functions including the following:

Election and initiation of new members, including honorary members

Initiation and development of chapter programs and activities

Appointment of committees to carry out chapter functions

Distribution of the The Scalpel for circulation among members

Determining that other chapter officers and committees perform their duties

Follow-up status of mandatory chapter reports to national office and keeps advisor informed

Election and induction of new officers. Provide new officers with the necessary materials from their predecessor

Ensure that the chapter stays in good standing with the institution in which it resides

Vice President

The functions of the vice president may include:

Functions in the absence of the president

Handles chapter publicity, preparation of posters and notices for meetings, chapter activities, and news releases. The vice president and historian should cooperate in maintaining a chapter scrapbook and/or other material as a record of activities

The vice president may produce a chapter newsletter for distribution to the members, alumni, national officers, and regional director

Serves as the individual whom the president can delegate to function in special circumstances, i.e., formulate ad hoc committees, coordinate special projects, etc.


Maintenance of good chapter records is essential for successful chapter function. The secretary is responsible for all chapter and membership records, including the following:

Maintains official minutes of all chapter meetings

Maintains the Chapter Roll book containing the signature and home address of each person initiated into the chapter

Forwards memberships with a check for total membership fees from the chapter treasurer to the AED National Office

Maintains a file (retains copies at location determined by Advisor) of all completed membership records submitted to the National Office along with a copy of the “Current Student Report” printout

Distributes membership materials

Maintain contact and correspondence with AED National Office and regional director, keep the names and addresses of the chapter officers up-to-date, and submit Chapter Information Form* (CIF)


The treasurer has the responsibility of conducting the chapter’s financial business. It is important for there to be a good annual “hand off” from former treasurer to the new treasurer. This officer functions in the following capacities:

Maintains an accurate account of all financial transactions collects all membership fees and chapter dues and pays all expenses. The financial records should be reviewed at the end of the treasurer's term of office by a committee or by the chapter advisor

Annual Financial Audit Report – detailed financial report (see website)

Clears signatures and title of chapter account with appropriate bank or college/university officials as soon as a new Treasurer is elected and installed, so that checks can be processed without delay

Provides the secretary with a check covering the total national membership fee for all initiates that are submitted to the AED National Office

Ensure all disbursements are for chapter related functions


The historian is the person who is responsible for preserving the history of the chapter for future members. This officer functions in the following capacities:

Compiles chapter history and document activities

Cooperates with the vice president in maintaining the chapter scrapbook and other historical chapter records

The historian should make sure that the chapter’s charter is maintained and displayed

The Scalpel Reporter

Many chapters have a Scalpel reporter in addition to the office of historian AND many chapters just have an historian ⎯ in which case, the duties listed below are handled by the historian.

Prepare and send reports for the The Scalpel using the form provided on the national website. Please send photos via email with completed form.

Last updated: 08/20/2020