Thank you for your interest in the Pre-Health Advising Program at Auburn University.

 Our mission is:

  • to provide guidance to students who are interested in attending professional schools such as medical, dental, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy and physician assistant.

 Students receive advice from professionally trained advisors as well as peer advisors who have successfully participated in the program.

 We help students assess:

  • their competitiveness for admission
  • offer advice concerning academic and entrance test preparation, research, obtaining clinical experience in their intended profession and engagement in volunteer and leadership activities                                                        .

Mrs. Beverley Childress is:

  • the Pre-Health Professions Director
  • has over 20 years of experience at Auburn University helping students successfully apply to professional school.
  • heads up the Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee (PPAC) at Auburn University.
  • the committee drafts a committee letter for applicants which is preferred by many medical, dental, and optometry schools.
  • competitive PPAC applicants have an acceptance rate at about 30% above the national average.