Our Team

Mary Lou Ewald
Mary Lou Ewald – Director of Outreach

As the Director of Outreach for the College of Sciences and Mathematics, Mary Lou’s primary responsibilities include oversight and management of the outreach programs, the Director of AU Science in Motion, SCORE, Co-PI of AU-AMSTI, and the campus-wide outreach representative for COSAM (WISE Institute, Outreach Faculty Engagement Council). In addition, she is responsible for oversight of all grant-related activities for the unit.


Assistant Director of Outreach

The Assistant Director of Outreach for the College of Sciences and Mathematics primary responsibilities include assisting Mary Lou with grant-related activities and overseeing the State Science Olympiad, Summer Science Institute, AMP’d, BEST Robotics, Science Matters programs, and assisting with all other programs.


Jennifer Spencer
Jennifer Spencer – Assistant Director, SCORE 

As an Outreach Program Administrator for the College of Sciences and Mathematics, Jennifer’s primary responsibilities include overseeing the Elementary Science Olympiad competition, AMP’d, Science Matters, as well as helping with other programs. Jennifer also served as the interim Assistant Director for the Southeastern Center of Robotics Education in the second half of 2019.


Teddy Dubose
Teddy Dubose – Accountant II

As an Accountant II for the College of Sciences and Mathematics, Teddy oversees all budgets and finances for the Outreach office. Teddy also serves as office manager and oversees the student workers on a day to day basis.


Cara Brittain
Cara Brittain – Graduate Research Assistant 


Grace Holland
Grace Holland - Student Worker