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Plagiarism and Honesty Policy

Plagiarism and Honesty Policy

Concepts of Science students are not allowed to copy from the work of others and present it as their own. This rule is Concepts program policy and is also Auburn University policy as stated in the Student Policy e-Handbook and the Auburn University Bulletin. This prohibition includes copying lab work done by fellow students or past students in SCMH 1010 class. Also, this prohibition includes copying directly from printed or digital sources, such as your textbook, other books and printed matter, information on the internet, etc. Specifically regarding on-line materials, students shall not copy word-for-word or use ‘copy and paste’ to answer lab questions.

Students who copy text or graphics from such sources and present it as their own face penalties. The standard penalty for violation of this policy is loss of credit for that work (including loss of credit for all parties involved). The student may also be subject to other grade penalties and university disciplinary measures at the discretion of the Director of Concepts of Science.

No activity in the Concepts of Science Lab Book asks the student to copy directly from published or on-line sources. Students should routinely rephrase information in their own words in answer to the questions in this lab book. Answers are intended to be written by hand on the pages in the lab book and submitted by the student as his or her individual work. If a student ever truly needs to quote directly from a source, quote marks (“ ”) shall be used and the source shall be clearly identified as to author, date, title, origin, etc.

Concepts of Science Honesty Policy follows the Auburn University Student Policy eHandbook regarding the Academic Honesty Code (sec. A, 1).

Addendum: Everyone in the Concepts of Science program also follows the Student Policy eHandbook regarding Class Attendance (sec. A, 13), Classroom Behavior (sec. A, 14), Final Exams (sec. A, 17), Harassment (sec. A, 19), Undergraduate Exams (sec. A, 20), Grading policies (sec. B), Student Conduct (sec. G), and Safety (sec. H).