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Core-Science Sequence

Concepts of Science is one option in the core curriculum of Auburn University that fulfills one of the two, sequential core-science courses required for most majors. If a student elects to take Concepts of Science, he or she should be enrolled in Concepts of Science before taking any other core-science classes. Please consult with your advisor about enrollment in Concepts. Concepts of Science should precede your taking Biology 1010, Chemistry 1010, Geology 1100, Physics 1000 or Physics 1150, unless you have special advisor approval. The courses just listed are the only AU science classes that form a “science sequence” as required by the AU core. A student may elect to take Concepts of Science, for example, if he or she is undecided about what subsequent core science class to take and/or wishes to learn more about all the sciences as a gateway to taking additional science coursework.