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The Concepts of Science course includes weekly laboratory classes, which meet separately from the lecture class session. Students should carefully select a section of SCMH 1010 with a laboratory time that is available in your schedule, sign up for that section, and attend to all laboratory sessions. There is a Concepts of Science Lab Book, which must be purchased NEW by each Concepts of Science student. These lab books, which are edited each year, are required for use by all students during all lab weeks. This is a required purchase for all Concepts students. Purchase only the most recent edition of the lab book from the AU Bookstore or one of the other bookstores in Auburn.

Attendance is required at all Concepts of Science laboratory sessions, and roll will be checked each week in laboratory. Attendance in laboratory may be part of your laboratory grade. Students should be aware that the number one reason for low lab grades in Concepts of Science is poor attendance.

Your laboratory grade counts 25% of the overall course grade. Laboratory teachers report laboratory grades to lecture instructors for each student at mid-term and at the end of the term. Lecture teachers then submit mid-term and full term grades, which are computed according to the rules in their own syllabus. Regarding lab grades, it is the student’s responsibility to attend labs, complete lab work and submit that work as requested by the lab teachers, and to keep in touch with lab teachers about absences and all other grade issues. Lecture instructors generally cannot answer specific questions about laboratory grades or lab attendance records. Those records are maintained by the laboratory teachers only. Laboratory teachers make decisions about whether a student qualifies for any make up work and sets all other laboratory rules not given in the course syllabus.

Students should be aware that it is Concepts of Science program policy that a student must pass the laboratory part of this course with a 60% or better score in order to be able to pass the whole course. In other words, if a student fails in the laboratory, the lecture instructor must give a grade of F for the whole course regardless of the lecture exam grades and other lecture section scores. Students should be aware that passing the laboratory but failing the lecture part of the course does not guarantee a passing grade in Concepts of Science. Students who are especially concerned about their grades should keep in regular contact with their lecture and laboratory teachers about their progress in the course.

Students must be prepared in advance to go to laboratory each week. This is the individual student’s responsibility. This responsibility includes reading assigned materials in advance, working through the on-line components for each laboratory exercise, and bringing required data and other required materials from the advance readings, on-line components, etc. with you to laboratory class. Failure to do these things will likely have a negative effect on your grade and may prevent you from being able to do the week’s laboratory work. Not being able to do the week’s laboratory work may result in a low lab score or a zero score for that week.

Concepts laboratory classes have a strict plagiarism policy. For the details, see your lab book and/or the plagiarism policy link on the Concepts of Science main page. Concepts of Science students may not copy the work of others or from published or on-line sources and represent it as their own.

Unlike the lecture portion of the class, students in laboratory should not expect that their laboratory teacher will lecture to them. Students are expected to come to the laboratory prepared to complete the week’s laboratory work, including all pre-lab reading assignments. This preparation is done mainly on line (using the Concepts laboratory portal) and by assigned readings. Students must participate in lab, including participation in any lab discussion. It is not acceptable to go to lab and not fully participate in what is going on and a student’s grade will reflect lack of participation.

Please see your laboratory syllabus for information on which laboratory will take place during each week of the semester. If you have any questions, contact your laboratory teacher immediately. It is the student’s responsibility to know who their laboratory teacher is an how to reach that person via email and telephone.

Laboratory Portal -> CLICK HERE for the link that will lead you to the on-line component of each week’s laboratory work (i.e., the laboratory portal). If a userID and/or password are needed for access to laboratory on-line work, your laboratory teacher (GTA) will provide that to you. Students MUST do all on-line pre-lab work that is assigned by your laboratory teacher in order to be able to complete the week’s laboratory work.