Course Information for STAT-2513

STAT-2513 is the online version of STAT-2510. It has the same prerequisites and covers the same course material.

InstructorDr. B. Zinner
Course MaterialDetailed lecture notes are posted on the course web site. You do not need to purchase a text book. You will also get access to screencasts that explain the main concepts and help you with the homework assignments.
Office HoursThere will be online office hours twice a week at regular times and also by appointment using the video conferencing software Zoom (
HomeworkThere will be a total of eleven homework assignments. During the Spring and the Fall semester the homework has to be completed within a certain time frame which will be specified in the syllabus. During the Summer semester you have until the last day of class to complete any homework assignments.
Extra CreditYou have the opportunity to earn up to 5 points by taking an Extra Credit exam where you can demonstrate your skills of using the statistical software package R. It is your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements for taking the test.
ExamsThere will be three exams and a final exam. You need a basic calculator for all the exams. Graphing calculators are also allowed but you may not use a cell phone app. During the Spring and the Fall semester you are given a 10 day time period for each exam and it is your responsibility to schedule a proctored exam during each of the given time periods. During the Summer semester the only requirement is that you take the three exams and the Extra Credit exam before the last day of class and the final exam before a certain date that will be specified in the syllabus. Taking a proctored exam at the Biggio Center will be free. Off-Campus students who are not able to take the exams at the Biggio Center will likely have to pay a proctoring fee (typically $25 per exam). See for further details.
GradingYour grade depends on the scores obtained in the three exams, the final, homework, and extra credit. You may earn up to 20 points in each exam, the final, and for the combined homework. You may also earn up to 5 points by taking the Extra Credit exam. Questions regarding grading must be resolved within seven days after the scores are posted. Grading is guided by the table below.
59% or less 60% – 69% 70% – 79% 80% – 89% 90% – 100%