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Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Structural Metals

Dr. Xiaoyuan Lou’s group at Auburn University mainly focuses on developing advanced manufacturing methods and discovering novel structural alloys for applications in extreme environments, where the components see high temperature, complex loading,corrosion & oxidation, irradiation, etc. Our research interest is exploring the process-structure-property relationships in structural metals, with particular emphasis on microstructure, microchemistry, and their roles in fracture, cracking and corrosion properties in the environments. While the lab is mainly interested in the fundamental material science, we keep close ties to industry.

Current research in the Lab is categorized into the following areas: 1) metal additive manufacturing and additive alloy development; 2) high-throughput experimental alloy discovery; 3) environmental fracture and cracking of structural metals; 4) corrosion and oxidation; 5) electrochemical sensors.

New openings:
The openings for two PhD students are immediately available for Fall 2018. Please contact Dr. Lou if you are interested in joining us. We also welcome enthusiastic undergraduate, graduate students and visiting scholars.

Call For Papers:
        JOM is looking for high-quality original research and review papers for a special topic of "Advanced Manufacturing for Nuclear Energy". The potential areas include additive manufacturing, advanced welding and cladding techniques, powder metallurgy, high performance concrete and rebar, surface modification, in-situ quality control, inspection, and advanced machining.
        Original research papers should be 3,000-6,000 words with up to 8 figures maximum; review papers should be 6,000-10,000 words with up to 15 figures maximum.
        Detailed author instructions are available at:
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