W. Matt Malczycki is an assistant professor in the Department of History at Auburn University. His specialty is Islamic history with an emphasis on the Middle East. He teaches HIST 2130 "Survey of Middle East History" every fall semester. During the spring semester of 2015 he offered HIST 3970 "Islamic History to 1500" and HIST 5970 "Themes in Islamic History."

In addition to courses on Islamic and Middle Eastern history, he also teaches "HIST 1010 "World History I" and HIST 3800 "The Historian's Craft." Syllabi for both past and proposed courses are available on Academia.edu. Students currently enrolled in his courses should consult the relevant Canvas pages for up-to-date syllabi.

Malczycki's primary research field is Arabic papyrology, a small but growing subfield of Islamic studies devoted to the examination of primary source texts from the first three Islamic centuries. Copies of his publications in that field are available on Academia.edu.

His current research interest is the interplay politics, religion, and society in early Islamic North Africa (Ifriqiya). He is currently working on a monograph that focuses on the period from the conquest/opening (ca 642 CE) to the rise of the Aghlabid Emirate (ca 800).

Prof. Malczycki serves on the University Senate Teaching Effectiveness Committee. He also serves on the Department of History's Undergraduate Committee and Assessment Committee. He is the secretary for the Auburn chapter of Phi Beta Kappa (http://www.auburn.edu/pbk/) and the former secretary-treasurer and current president-elect of the International Society for Arabic Papyrology (http://www.ori.uzh.ch/isap.html).

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