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Welcome to the Mechanics of Materials group at Auburn University. Materials are extremely complicated systems where every observable phenomenon is deeply tied into complex processes at different length and time scales. Our work combines the theoretical, computational and experimental methods to study the mechanics of materials such as composites, polymers, geological materials, ferroic materials and in general, heterogeneous materials. The overarching goal is to use this fundamental understanding to design advanced materials targeted at specific properties such as damage mitigation, energy dissipation and energy harvesting.

Our primary focus lies on the high-strain rate physics of materials, such as behavior due to shock loading. Shock waves are typically generated in a material when it subjected to high velocity impact. These waves can load a material to extremely high pressures and temperatures in a very short time causing brittle and ductile failure in materials, along with phase transitions and even melting.

Positions are available for undergraduates and graduates interested in research in material modeling and high strain rate behavior of materials.