I, I, Captain!

Beginning Reading Lesson

Tori Hollifield


Rationale: The goal for this lesson is to teach students the correspondence I=/I/. During this lesson students will learn to recognize, spell, and read words containing the spelling I. I will teach a meaningful representation of I=/I/, they will spell and read words containing this spelling in a Letterbox lesson, and read a decodable book that focuses on the correspondence I= /I/.


Materials: Graphic image of a pirate; cover-up critter; iPad Elkonin boxes for modeling and individual iPad Elkonin boxes for each student; White board and markers; decodable text: The Bike Ride, and assessment worksheet.



1.Say: I know we have already been over how to say, read, write, and recognize i=/i/, like we hear in the words sit and lick, but today we are going to learn long I, I=/I/. We can hear this sound in words like bike, ice, and tiger. The way I pick out this sound is I listen for the pirate saying eye eye captain! To spell this sound, we use the letter I.


2.Say: Before we learn about the spelling of /I/, we need to listen for it in some words. When I listen for /I/ in words, I hear i say its name /I/. When you say/I/, your mouth opens wide like a smile. I'll practice finding /I/ in words first: hike. I heard i say its name and I felt my mouth open wide like a smile. There is a long I in hike. Next I will look for it in rack. I did not hear the pirate speak, and my mouth did not smile, so tere is no long I in rack. Now you try. If you hear /I/ say, "Eye, Eye, Captain." If you don't hear /O/ say, "That's not it." Is it in bike, sick, run, ivy, or hide? You will hear long I in more than one.


3.Say: Now, let's learn and practice how to spell the long I sound. The way we are going to practice is by writing the letter I. This is how I would spell the word tiger, like in the sentence "The tiger hunts its prey.". The first thing I would do is sound the word out and count the phonemes so I know how many boxes to have on my iPad. T-I-G-E-R. I need four boxes. The first sound I hear is t, so I put a t in my first box, Second, I hear the I sound like a pirate, so I put I in the second box. Third, I hear g, so I put g in the third box. Last, I hear er, so I put er in the last box.


4.Say: Now it is your turn to try. You need four boxes. Our word is idea, like "I have a good idea." I will check everyone's iPad to make sure spelling is correct. We will also do the words fight, lion, and iris, for all of which I will provide sentences.


5.Say: Next, we will practice reading these words together. I will write all the words on the board and have students practice reading them in unison. After the list has been gone through twice, I will call on individuals to read a word for me.


6.Say: Next, we are going to read a book to practice I=/I/. The book we will read is called The Bike Ride. It is about a boy named Nate who just does not want to leave the couch. He likes to sleep and watch TV. His friends come up with a plan to get him to ride a bike, but will it work? I want you to read as pairs, taking turns reading pages. Before you turn the page, stop and talk about what you have read. When you are finished we will read the book out loud as a class, and talk about what we are reading as we go.


7.Say: Before we finish, we have a activity to practice what we learned. On this activity sheet, there is a paragraph with words missing. You will choose the best long I word from the list to fill in the blanks. http://free-phonics-worksheets.com/html/phonics_worksheet_v2-09.html






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