Mmmm muffins..

Rub your belly and say mmm /m/.

Emergent Literacy

Tawana Fuller

Rationale: Students will learn the symbol m says the /M/ sounds. We will use the visual cue of a muffin and the tongue twister “On Mondays, Michael makes marvelous muffins! Mmmm..” Having a visual cue and activities such as creating a silly tongue twisters and the analogy with the graphic image will provide students with this code in a fun and memorable way.

Material: paper, pencils, muffin photo


Say: Today we are going to learn about the letter m. Letter m is one of my favorite letter because it makes a yummy sound. When we say the sound for letter m we say ‘mmmm... Let’s rub our bellies and say’ mmmm..’ What is your favorite food? (allow time for child to answer). That’s a good food. Let’s pretend to eat that food and rub our bellies to make the m sound. I always think of muffins when I hear the /m/ sound because muffins are delicious and they begin with the letter m.

Say: Now let’s practice saying the sound. Watch my mouth. (say /m/). Is my mouth open or closed? Are my lips moving or are my lips still? (say /m/). Now you try to make the m sound. (allow wait time)…… Good job!  What do you feel your mouth doing? Vibrating? So we know that to make the /m/ sound we close our mouth and press our lips together and say ‘mmm…’.

Say: So now let’s see if we can find the letter m in the word shrimp. When I say the word shrimp can you have the /m/? How about when if I say it like Sh-rrr-ii-mmm-p. Did you hear the /m/? Did you see my lips pressed together? Do you /m/ in word stunk? St-uu-nnn-k?

Say: Say:  All right, that was a great job everybody.  Now, I want us to practice writing the letter m.  Get out a piece of paper and a pencil. (Have a piece of primary paper on smart board to write on and model).  Okay, we want to do a lower case m.  We start at the fence and draw a stick to the bottom of the sidewalk then we draw and hump up to the fence and down to the sidewalk and then another hump from the sidewalk to the fence back down to the sidewalk.  It’s almost like a bouncing ball. Practice writing a lowercase m.

Say: You are doing a great job with your writing and making the /m/ sound. Now, let’s have some fun with a silly sentence. Listen to my silly sentence and repeat after me. “On Monday’s, Michael makes marvelous muffins!” (have children repeat the silly sentence three times). Now let’s practice writing our silly sentence. Help me sound out the words. (Allow students to help sound out the words in the sentence and model spelling and letter formation.) Let’s reread the sentence and really stretch out the /m/ when we see it in the word. “On /M/onday’s, /M/ ichael /m/akes /m/arvelous /m/uffins.”

Say: Now let’s practice listening for our letter /m/ in some word. For example, if I said the words make and fake, which word tells me to rub my belly. Listen, mmm-ake or fff-ake. I know to rub my belly when I say mmm-ake because I hear the /m/. What about in mush or push? Maze or faze? Malt or hault? Great job!


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