Economics Seminars

Spring 2014      0344 Haley



Friday 28 March 1:00

Be Cool, Take a Puff

Duha Altindag, Auburn


Thursday 6 March 12:30   

Optimal Capacity and Two-Part Pricing for

Natural Gas Pipelines under Alternative Regulatory Constraints

Matthew Oliver, Georgia Tech University


Friday 21 March 1:00  

The Short and Long Run Effects of Natural Disasters

Nicolas Ziebarth, University of Iowa


Friday 28 March 11:00

Title TBA

Annusua Battacharya, Center for Disease Control


Friday 4 April 11:00

Universities as Innovators:

The Effects of Academic Incubators on Patent Quality

Peter Klein, University of Missouri


Friday 11 April 1:00

Malicious Envy and Discouragement:

An Experimental Study of Inequality on Investment

Gary Hoover, University of Alabama


Thursday 17 April 12:30

Productivity Changes from Environmental Regulation:

Evidence from Fossil Fuel Electricity Generators

Erik Johnson, Georgia Tech University