COSAM Committee of Planning and Assessment

Assessment coordinators:
Mary Mendonca (Graduate Program Officer of Biological Sciences) 331 Funchess Hall, Phone: 844-9246,
Sharon R. Roberts (Undergraduate Program Officer, Biological Sciences)  101 Life Science Bldg.,  Phone: 844-1634,
Edward J. Parish ( Chemistry and Biochemistry) Phone: 844-6986,
Kat West (Coordinator of LABT/MEDT of Chemistry and Biochemistry) 179 Chemistry Bldg, Phone: 844-6951,
Ronald D. Lewis (Geology and Geography) 205 Petrie, Phone: 844-4886,
Luke Marzen (Geology and Geography) 2046F Haley Center, Phone: 844-3462,
Ulrich Albrecht (Graduate Program Officer, Math & Stat) 330 Parker Hall, Phone: 844-4228,
Narendra Govil (Undergraduate Program Officer, Math & Stat) 214C Parker Hall, Phone: 844-6558,
Peng Zeng (Statistics coordinator, Math & Stat) 230C Parker Hall, Phone: 844-3680,
Nancy Robinson (AU-CMB Administrative Program Specialist Cellular and Molecular Program ) 247C SCC, Phone: 844-3186,, and Chris Rodger (Math & Stat) 133E Allison, Phone: 844-3746,
Bianca D. Evans (Minority Programs Coordinator, COSAM Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs) 249 SCC, Phone: 844-4642,
Larry C. Wit (Biomedical science, Pre-Health Programs and COSAM Student Services) 249 SCC, Phone: 844-4269,

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Interim Dean:
Charles E. Savrda (Geology and Geography) 246 SCC, Phone: 844-5737

Associate Dean for Research:
Chris Rodger (Math & Stat) 133E Allison, Phone: 844-3746,

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs:
Vince Cammarata (Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry) 249 SCC, Phone: 844-4269,


Department heads/chairs:
Jack W. Feminella (Chair of Biological Sciences)  101 Life Sciences,  Phone: 844-3906,
Vince Ortiz (Chair of Chemistry and Biochemistry) 179 Chemistry Building, Phone: 844-4043,
Mark Steltenpohl (Chair of Geology and Geography) 215 Petrie Hall, Phone: 844-4893,
Tin-Yau Tam (Chair of Mathematics and Statistics) 221 Parker Hall, Phone: 844-6572,
Jim Hanson (Chair of Physics) 202 Allison Laboratory, Phone: 844-4264,

College Mission Statement: To provide an environment that ensures excellencein the biological, physical, and mathematical scineces for the purposeof(1) preserving, interpreting, and conveying existing knowledge (teaching);(2) creating, integrating and applying new knowledge (research); and, (3)fostering educational exchange within the University, the Alabama community,and society as a whole (outreach).

University Mission Statement

Director of University Assessment: James Andrew Clark, 209 Samford Hall, Phone: 844-5802, 


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