Course Information for Linear Algebra (Math 5370-6370)

It is a "second" linear algebra course The purpose of the course is to learn some basic concepts, results, and techniques of Linear Algebra. Proofs are required and emphasized.

Where: Parker 320

When: MWF 9-10am.

Who: Professor Tin-Yau Tam, 221 Parker Hall, 844-6572,

Office hours: MWF 8-9am. I may be in meetings because my Chair role. See my grader's office hours.

Text: Matrix Theory: Basic Results and Techniques, Springer; 2nd Edition (August 31, 2011) by Fuzhen Zhang. We will cover some basic chapters of the book.

Grader: Jianzhen Liu, 144C Parker Hall, 844-3644, email:, Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 1:45-3:20pm; Friday, 10:00am-noon

I have recently written a book review on this text and it appeared in Linear Algebra and its Applications 437 (2012) 1426-1427. You may need to use Auburn VPN if you view it off campus.

The book by P. R. Halmos, Finite dimensional vector spaces, 2nd ed, Princeton, N.J., Van Nostrand Company, 1958, is a good one for basic material. Now it is published by Springer. See Amazon

Reference books for further studies:

1. R. Bhatia, Matrix Analysis, Springer, New York, 1997.

2. R. A. Horn and C.R. Johnson, Matrix Analysis, Cambridge University Press, 1990. A new edition just appeared.

Recommended Reading on reading mathematics: How to read mathematics by Shai Simonson and Fernando Gouveau. It talks about the language of mathematics and how best to approach it



Key to exercises and homeworks - (password required to access).

Key to tests - (password required to access).

See Syllabus for more details.

      Grades:  Grades are determined by the homework (35%), presentations/tests (30%) and the final exam (35%).

For MATH6370: 90-100 A; 80-89 B; 70-79 C; 60-69 D; Below 60 F.

For MATH5370: 85-100 A; 75-84 B; 65-74 C: 55-64 D; Below 55 F.

Final Exam Date and Time: Wednesday, May 1, 8:00-10:30 am

Make-up Policy: A test can only be made-up if there is a university excuse presented within one week of the regularly scheduled exam. Refer to for the list of acceptable excuses. It is the student's responsibility to make arrangements for any work and/or notes missed due to an absence.