Professional Preparation:
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, Physics, B.A., Magna Cum Laude, 1985
University of California, Los Angeles, Physics, M.S., 1987
University of California, Los Angeles, Physics, Ph.D., 1992

• Associate Director, Biggio Center, Auburn University, 2009-
• Associate Professor, Physics, Christopher Newport University, 2005-2008
•  Director, World Music Ensemble, CNU, 2007-2008
• Director, B.E.S.T. Lab, Center for Excellence in Science Education,  NSU, 1996 -2005
• Associate Professor, Physics, Norfolk State University, 2000-2005
• Assistant Professor, Physics, Norfolk State University, 1995-2000
• Visiting Assistant Professor, Physics, SUNY Geneseo, 1993-1995
• Post-doctoral Research Associate, Physics, Kansas State University, 1992-1993

• 2003 Forever Upward Academic Award, Norfolk State University Foundation
• 2002 Distinguished Faculty Achievement Certificate, State Council of Higher Education of Virginia
• 2001 Millennium Award for Excellence in Teaching at HBCUs, Office of the White House Initiative on HBCUs

• 2003-04 Carnegie Scholar in the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL)

Recent Publications & Presentations (since moving to Auburn):
S. Raj Chaudhury, (2010), "Science Through Literacy for Children", Alabama Community Education Association, 2010 Annual Conference, Montgomery, AL
P. A. Knipp & S. Raj Chaudhury, (2009) "Extending feedback and assessment mechanisms in automated grading systems: Using postprocessing in WebAssign". Parts I, II and III, Computing in Science and Engineering, Vol. 11, Nos. 3,4,5, IEEE
S. Raj Chaudhury & J. Hull, (2009) "Cross Disciplinary teaching: Bridging Cultural Divides", Proceedings of the SoTL Commons Conference, Statesboro, GA
S. Raj Chaudhury, (2009) "
S. Raj Chaudhury, (2009) "Helping Teachers Integrate Inquiry and Technology: Multiple Representations of Motion", 6th Annual TEAM-Math Conference, Tuskegee, AL
S. Raj Chaudhury, (2009) "Faculty Learning Communities as Communities of Practice", Plenary Talk, West Central Georgia STEM Institute, Columbus State University, GA 
S. Raj Chaudhury & J. Hull, (2009), "Cross Disciplinary Teaching - Hybrid Pedagogy connects Physics and Indian Music", Poster, POD Network Conference, Houston, TX

D. B. Clark & S. Raj Chaudhury, (2007) “Creating Coherent Inquiry Projects to Support Student Cognition and Collaboration in Physics”, in J. Luft, Ed.,  Inquiry in Secondary Science Classrooms, NSTA (2007)
Chiu-Pin Lin, S. Raj Chaudhury, Yi-Fu Liu, Kuo-Pin Liu, Wei-Mao Hung, "Collaborative Learning in a One-To-One Technology Enhanced Learning Environment: A preliminary study of Empirical Practice", in Proceedings of International Conference on Computers in Education 2007, Hiroshima, Japan, Nov. 2007
Roschelle, J., Tatar, D., Chaudhury, S. R., Dimitriadis, Y., Patton, C., &  DiGiano, C. (2007). Ink, improvisation, and interactive engagement: Learning with tablets. Computer, 40(9), 38-44.
Yannis Dimitriadis1, Juan Ignacio Asensio-Pérez1, Davinia Hernández-Leo1, Jeremy Roschelle, John Brecht, Deborah Tatar, S. Raj Chaudhury, Chris DiGiano & Charles M. Patton, (2007) "From socially-mediated to technology-mediated coordination: A study of design tensions using Group Scribbles". Proceedings of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning 2007, New Jersey, July 2007.
Brecht, J., DiGiano, C., Patton, C., Tatar, D., Chaudhury, R., Roschelle, J., & Davis, K. (in press). Coordinating networked learning activities with a general-purpose Interface. To appear in the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning.
D. Poland & S. Raj Chaudhury, “Technology-rich Science Unit for Gifted Learners”, National Association for Gifted Children, Charlotte, NC, November 2006
S. Raj Chaudhury, J. Roschelle, P. Schank, J. Brecht, D. Tatar, “Coordinating Student Learning in the Collaborative Classroom with Interactive Technologies”, presented at the 3rd International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference, Washington D.C., November 2006
John Brecht, C. DiGiano, C. Patton, D. Tatar, S. Raj Chaudhury, J. Roschelle, K. Davis, “Coordinating Networked Learning Activities with a General-Purpose Interface”,  Proceedings of mLearn 2006, Banff, Canada, October 2006
S. Raj Chaudhury, Jeremy Roschelle, John Brecht, Charles Patton, Patricia Schank and Deborah Tatar,  “Using Computer Supported Collaborative Learning to make Students’ Thinking Visible”, presented at the 2nd International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference, Vancouver, B.C., October 2005
S. Raj Chaudhury, “Interactive engagement with Classroom Response Systems”, in Teaching & Technology Vignettes, Academic Commons Quarterly, December 2005. Online at
S. Raj Chaudhury, “An internet-based, guided inquiry approach to geoscience education using interactive models and supporting effective teacher practice”, poster presented at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, December 2005.

Some Publications and Presentations (prior to Fall 2005):
Roschelle, J., Schank, P., Brecht, J., Tatar, D., & Chaudhury, S. R., From Response Systems to Distributed Systems for Enhanced Collaborative Learning. 13th International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE 2005).
S. Raj Chaudhury, “Learning Science Through Visualizations”, Carnegie Scholar Report, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Palo Alto, July 2004
S. Raj Chaudhury and Waldo Rodriguez, “Scientific Visualization & Modeling for Earth Systems Science Education,” Proceedings of 90th Indian Science Congress, Part IV, Bangalore, India, 2003
S. Raj Chaudhury, “The Science Studio - A Workshop Approach to Introductory Physical Science,” Journal of Math and Science: Collaborative Explorations, Vol. 5, Number 2, Richmond, VA 2002
S. Raj Chaudhury, N. S. Rebello, L. Escalada and D. Zollman, “Visual Quantum Mechanics - a materials approach”, Proceedings of the 11th National Educator.s Workshop:Update 96, Los Alamos, 1996

Synergistic Activities
(1) Co-PI on the NSF funded Center for Learning and Teaching, “Technology Enhanced Learning of Science”, to the TELS Consortium led by UC Berkeley and Concord Consortium. Research in inquiry and technology in Portsmouth and Newport News Public Schools, Virginia.
(2) PI, NASA Earth Science Education project SPHERE – partnering undergraduates and teachers in GLOBE related earth systems science research , 2005-2008.
(3) Education, Community and Outreach (ECO) Review Board member, Learning in Informal and Formal  (LIFE) Center, an NSF Science of Learning Center
(4) Science & Technology Advisory Board, New Horizon’s Governor’s School, Hampton, VA

E-mail: schaudhury AT auburn DOT edu