Classroom response system

Students respond to a question

Photo courtesy Ohio University

I'll be writing here more about my use of Classroom Response Systems (aka 'clickers') and their extension into the GroupScribbles application using handheld computers. I have been using clickers in courses since 1999 and have introduced them to CNU since I started in Fall 2005. I use them in all my classes, usually every day. Student reception has been very good. At CNU we were using IR pads from e-instruction. At Auburn, I have been involved with professional development for faculty members in various disciplines who have an interest in interactive classroom technologies. 

Read my article at Academic Commons. In it I explore some of the teaching and learning issues that I deal with related to the use of these devices. Derek Bruff's blog on this subject is also very informative. 

The pictures to the right show technology enhanced, collaborative classroom activities at work. My papers on this will be posted here shortly. This work was presented at the IS-SOTL meeting 2006 and 2007 and the SoTL Commons Conference (2009) as well as CSCL 2009.

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