Higher Education: 

At Auburn, I have started to teach graduate students for the first time in courses focused on the particular issues and challenges in higher education settings. The courses I am involved with are Preparing Future Faculty and Seminar in College Teaching. These courses are designed with readings and weekly discussions - now supplemented by Blackboard discussions in between class sessions. Having mature, motivated students who are willing to try to understand the larger picture of issues in faculty life and college based teaching and learning has been quite enjoyable. More information on the Preparing Future Faculty program is available on the Biggio Center web site. These courses are also a starting point for the new Graduate Certificate in College/University Teaching. 


For 15 years, I taught college level physics courses - for both science majors and non-majors. While I did teach some upper division courses, I especially enjoyed the challenge of teaching students who were in class because they *had* to and not because they *wanted* to. Read more about my physics teaching philosophy on the link below.


I am currently teaching Auburn Indian Music Ensemble class, since Fall 2010. I teach music in a traditional Indian style, sitting on the floor with acoustic instruments. By its very nature teaching music is interactive - the teacher demonstrates and the student repeats back to show competence through mimicry. I have presented on the pedagogical aspects of my music teaching at the POD Network Conference, in Houston, TX, Oct. 2009. More details here.

E-mail: schaudhury AT auburn DOT edu