Music CV

This is my Curriculum Vitae related to activities in Indian Music.

North Indian Classical music theory – both melodic (ragas) and rhythmic (talas)
Rabindrasangeet – semi-classical and folk music of Rabindranath Tagore
Nazrulsangeet – semi-classical and folk music of Kazi Nazrul Islam
Tabla – Indian percussion instrument played with bare hands
Harmonium – Indian bellows-pumped keyboard instrument
Tanpura - 4 stringed lute drone instrument

1973-81: Gitabithi Academy of Indian Music, 55/2 Purna Das Road, Calcutta 700029
Completed 4 years non-degree training plus completed 4th year of 5 year Diploma Program (1981). Could not complete program due to my move to Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY, in 1981.

Teaching Experience:
2010: Auburn University, MUSI 1220, Indian Music Ensemble
2007-08: Christopher Newport University: MUSC 118, World Music Ensemble
1997-91: Department of Ethnomusicology, UCLA
Vocal Music Director/Teaching Assistant, Indian Music Performance Group
(Music 91F). Student of Prabha Atre (1986). Taught vocal music and Indian classical and semi-classical compositions to undergraduates and Ethnomusicology graduate students. Led ensemble in annual concerts. See our video on Youtube.
1983-85: Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY;
        Taught non-credit, 6 week general interest course,  "Appreciation of Indian Music" for undergraduate students

Performance Experience:
Birmingham, AL Durga Pooja, Boston Durga Puja 2006, Bengali Association of New 
England. Besides this, in period 1981-2010, over 100 performances both solo and group, of Rabindrasangeet, Nazrulsangeet and Bengali folk music. Performed in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Moorpark, Kansas City, Wichita, Rochester (NY), Fishkill (NY), Hampton Roads (VA).

E-mail: schaudhury AT auburn DOT edu